Hypnobirthing with Joanne Dunn at Chew Valley Wellbeing

Hypnobirthing with Joanne Dunn at Chew Valley Wellbeing

A revolution in childbirth is taking place with a positive movement towards natural and calm birth. We’ve all heard plenty of horror stories from friends, family and in the media that give us the belief that birth is agonising and something to be feared. But what if this fear is the exact reason labour can be so painful?

Fear creates a whole cycle of processes in the body’s nervous, hormonal and muscular systems that create tension, prevent blood flow and pump adrenaline around the body. This reaction causes the muscles of the uterus to cramp and with lack of blood flow and oxygen creates pain.

Our hypnobirthing courses provide parents with knowledge and logic so that they know what to expect before, during and after labour and how the body works so beautifully and spontaneously to give birth. We then focus on a set of techniques to help parents let go of fear, gain confidence and feel prepared for when the big day arrives. Preparation is key and parents are equipt with breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques to practice daily so that when labour starts they are confident, relaxed and feeling in control.

The results speak for themselves – more and more midwives are recommending hypnobirthing to pregnant women and positive birth stories are on the rise. The benefits of a calm, gentle, natural birth go beyond the experience of the mother. It’s often reported that babies are more settled and calm when they’ve arrived into this world in a calm fashion.

For more information about our hypnobirthing courses please contact Joanne Dunn at Chew Valley Wellbeing.

Father reading a relaxation script to pregnant mother helping her to relax and grow in confidence

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