Beat the Blues with a Little Self Love

The festive season come down can take its toll and often people try to do too much, too soon in the way of transforming their lives. The best time to detox, diet or try out a new lifestyle isn't the coldest, darkest, longest month, but in Spring time, so keep those New Year's resolutions safe until then.

In the meantime, some simple self massage techniques along with exercise and winter warmers of the non-alcoholic sort, are the best way to show your body and mind some self love.

Keeping warm

A hot bath, a new blanket and some fluffy slippers. Although the shortest day may have passed, winter is still very much upon us and instead of fighting the urge to snuggle down, now is the perfect time to embrace the end of the party season and hibernate at home. Add essential oils and salts to your bath, to help draw out toxins and release tired and tight muscles.

Self Massage

A bath is the perfect place to practise self massage, and those tired party feet are one of the best places to start. The trick to making massage really relaxing is to slow right down. Whether you are practising on a loved one or yourself, try working into muscles much more slowly as this will allow for deeper work without the pain, plus it relaxes your mind at the same time. Knuckles are a great tool to use on feet that have been dancing a little too much. As many of our calf muscles join onto the soles of our feet, tight legs also means tight feet. Feet muscles tend to be quite tough, so avoid using fingers and thumbs as this will tire your hands and make them hurt. Instead use knuckles and palms to release tension.

Yoga Breathing

Something our clients are always telling us, is how much better their breathing techniques have become after just a few months practising regular yoga. If you are a regular yogi, then make sure you remember to take some time each day to practise slowing your breathing down and reconnecting with your body. If you don't already practise yoga, then now is the perfect time to sign up to a local class, and make 2019 your year to being a step closer to finding a little inner peace.

Practise Regular Yoga

Practising yoga is more about connecting mind, body and soul than getting fit, but a great side effect of regular classes is toned limbs and better posture. So if you want a stronger body, relaxed muscles, toned limbs and a calm mind then look no further than the ancient art of yoga.

Book a Massage

Often we spend December in a rushed bubble, culminating in two crazy weeks of festivities. The first week back to work, school and normality results in lowered immune systems, stress and the dreaded January Blues. Instead of denying yourself the things you love; a glass of wine, chocolate, the end of the cheese board, and therefore making January even harder to bear, try treating yourself to some self love. Book in a massage and make January the month about looking after yourself and putting yourself first.

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