Restorative, Yoga Nidra & Meditation Course

This course is designed to alleviate stress both mentally and physically, exploring a number of techniques that can help to tackle tension, anxiety and depression that can manifest in body and mind.
Each week the physical yoga practice will be gentle and restorative allowing the body to release tension from the areas that we hold it most and fall back into its natural form.
We will explore different types pf meditation such as mindful, metta and trataka as well as Yoga Nidra including the iRest methodology, all of which can offer different ways to deal with the obstacles life throws at us.
If you find it hard to relax or sleep or switch off mentally, if you feel stiff and tense physically, or if you just want to chill out as the evenings start to draw in, this is the course for you.
Thursday 3rd October - Thursday 31st October
8.45pm - 9.45pm (later time as these sessions should hopefully send you home to sleep)
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