Pregnancy Yoga Course

This six-week pregnancy yoga course is designed to support your journey through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, helping you to develop physical and mental tools that can be of use during this exciting time.
We will explore breathing techniques that can have a positive impact both mentally and physically throughout your peri-natal experience, creating relaxation and calm, as well as getting acquainted with controlling the breath in preparation for childbirth.
Each week we will have a specific focus, practicing postures and movement to help create strength and space in your body during pregnancy and childbirth and work with postures that can help with the physical changes that your body is going through.
We will use visualisation and meditation techniques, exploring the senses and developing sensory triggers, which are designed to bring you back to calmness during moments of intensity. 
This course will give you time to yourself for relaxation and release, as well as strengthening that special bond with your baby.
Courses start in March
Wednesday evening -book here
Saturday morning -book here
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