Systematic Kinesiology was developed by Dr. George Goodheart in 1964, an American Chiropractor who pioneered this speciality. He discovered that the strength or weakness within every muscle was connected to the health, or lack of health, within a specific corresponding organ and Chinese Acupuncture meridian.


The muscle test is the main tool used by Kinesiologists that reads levels of imbalance within our body’s energy system. It is not a test of strength but a test to identify if energy is flowing through that organ and meridian effectively - kind of like an electrical circuit.


Once the root cause is identified, Kinesiology is able to facilitate change and improvement through nutritional advice and supplementation, emotional work, lymphatic massage and acupressure points.


All Kinesiology sessions look at the whole picture and often a number of symptoms that are seemingly ‘unrelated’ are often combined and resolved together. Most sessions involve a combination of the following:


Food sensitivity testing
Nutritional and herbal supplementation
Diet advice and detoxing


Coping with stress
Releasing stored trauma
Re-programming subconscious patterns using meridian tapping

Aches and pains
Sleep, rest and relaxation,
Accidents and injuries

Working with the body’s energy systems

Chakra balancing
Meridian tracing


How many sessions will I need?
The number of sessions required will really vary on the person, their symptoms and how well they follow the advice and changes required to their diet and lifestyle. Generally, people feel better after 1-3 sessions and then only need a regular ‘MOT’ as a preventative measure to keep in the best possible health but this really does depend on each individual’s circumstances.


What can Kinesiology help with?
Please get in contact with anything that you haven’t been able to get to the bottom of. Any ache or pain, digestive problems, headaches, anxiety, emotional stresses, skin conditions, embarrassing problems, sleep problems, repeated infections… It’s always worth a call and will give you a very different perspective on things.

Joanne is available on Tuesday morning, Thursday & Saturday.

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Siobhan – Midlands
“Joanne had the time to ask questions about my complete health and lifestyle which revealed links that I would never have put together and this allowed us to get to the route cause. Joanne is professional, personable and approachable and has enabled me to live a healthy lifestyle, tailored to my individual needs, without the need for medication and I am incredibly grateful to have been referred to her.”


Anna – Somerset
“I’ve just enjoyed my first day out in 3 weeks.  I never like to moan on facebook but I’ve been in so much pain with a trapped nerve in my back thanks to two failed epidurals and a spinal block but with help from Joanne Dunn who does Kinesiology I can now lift, change, bath, feed and play with my baby girl. I can walk better now and drive so am feeling normal thank goodness and can now enjoy my beautiful daughter.  Thanks so much Joanne.”


John – Bristol
“If you’re suffering with vertigo please give Kinesiology a try with Joanne. I had just two sessions and I’m now back to work within a week and half of seeing her and vertigo can last weeks or even months!”


Jodie – Bristol
“I went to see Joanne after suffering with painful heart burn / acid reflux for over 4 years and which caused me to be sick and unable to sleep. In the first session Joanne found the cause of this which was not food related and within 3-4 sessions it had completely gone. I haven’t had any flare ups for over a year now.
I had another visit to Joanne a few days before my wedding day because I was suffering from terrible hayfever and a horrible looking sore on my nose. 2 days later on my wedding day the sore had gone and I had zero hayfever symptoms.
I would highly recommend!”