Our Hypnobirthing courses are designed to give you the knowledge and tools to have a positive, calm and natural birth.


We’ve all heard uncomfortable birth stories and whether it’s your first baby or your 2nd, 3rd, 4th… we’re here to teach you the science and give you the confidence to trust your instincts, work with your breath and believe that you are capable of having a wonderful story to tell.


Benefits for you and your baby

  • You are likely to experience a more comfortable and sometimes pain free birth

  • The length of labour is often much shorter

  • Less drugs and medical intervention is highly likely

  • Mum’s often bounce back quicker both physically and emotionally


You will learn

  • Breathing techniques for each stage of labour to help you stay focused and in control

  • Deep relaxation and self-hypnosis to allow you to ‘get into your zone’ yet stay alert

  • How to address fears and prevent stressful feelings from taking over

  • Positions for labour and birth to help shorten the process

  • All about your hormones and how you can tap into nature’s very own form of pain management


Course details and fees

Our Hypnobirthing course costs £215 and includes:

  • Attendance to the course for you and your birth partner

  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves

  • The KGHypnobirthing relaxation CD/MP3

  • A folder of handouts with key information and advice to take away

  • 20% discount off of Kinesiology treatments throughout the duration of your pregnancy


Courses run from 9.30am – 4.30pm across 2 x Sundays, 2 weeks apart


We recommend beginning the course at around 25-30 weeks however you are welcome at any time after your 20-week scan



Sept 13th & 27th - BOOK NOW

October 4th & 18th - BOOK NOW

November 1st & 15th - BOOK NOW

December - Sun 29th Nov & 13th Dec BOOK NOW

Contact Joanne Dunn joanne@chewvalleywellbeing.com for further details

Meet our Hypnobirthing Tutors


Joanne Dunn 

I am a very proud hypnobirthing mother of two and very excited for baby number three to arrive this autumn/winter! I have a passion for helping others to be healthy and there is no better start to a person’s life than a calm, pain free, drug free birth. The positive impact on both mother and baby’s lives is so important to me and it’s my absolute pleasure to work with families to achieve this. 


Ayshea Jackson

I have two children and have experience of birth with and without hypnobirthing. The difference between the two was so significant that I decided I wanted to share this with other people to help them experience the best birth for them. I am extremely proud to be a KGHypnobirthing practitioner and love sharing my knowledge and experiences and reading the positive birth stories that follow.

I am currently training to be a breastfeeding peer supporter and will soon be attending a course to learn about the use of aromatherapy in labour.   


For more information about the course please contact Joanne Dunn joanne@chewvalleywellbeing.com



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