Chew Valley Wellbeing yoga and maassage


Wholesome Ayurveda offers a bespoke service in wellness, with the ethos to create strong digestion for optimum health. Ayurveda, which is the sister science of yoga, sees all illness and poor health stemming from weak digestion, as this is how toxic build up accumulates. It builds resilience within the body, therefore making it a system of disease prevention. It brings the power of our health back into our own hands, as we become our own doctors through self enquiry and investigation, as well as learning about food and its medicinal qualities. Through the practise of Ayurveda, a strong mind-body connection is made, which builds confidence and is self empowering - something we could all do with more of! Ayurveda is accepting of all foods, the key is learning how to rebalance yourself when feeling off kilter - something that Wholesome Ayurveda can most definitely help with!


During a consultation with Wholesome Ayurveda, you will learn what balance means for you, and from that be able to navigate your lifestyle, exercise and diet so that it is supportive day-in-day-out.


If interested to learn more about services offered, what Ayurveda is, or to book a consultation/wellness package, head to Wholesome Ayurveda Website or contact Geri at